Yoga is not the practice of religion, it is a lifestyle – exercise practice. For those who wish to understand Yoga on deeper levels we invite them to do so but it is an individual choice. Yoga is for everyone and anytime!  Your time is now!

Yoga classes offered for your continued good health! To ensure that you move with ease and breath with life!

Our classes are subject to change and reflect each of our unique instructor’s preferences as to style of class.

Kundalini Fusion

Good for students of all levels – though mobility is necessary in this style.  Breath with movement is accentuated in this style of yoga coupled with chanting.  This style of yoga can be vigorous in movement – always exciting!  Bring Oxygen to every part of your body, every cell!
Meditation is a part of every class. Enjoy!


Power is for those with a strong foundation of Yoga. You will know your poses, the necessary transitions from pose to pose to follow a series of sun salutations. At this high level, the teacher does not modify or slow down for the inexperienced. Power is not for the beginner. Strength and flexibility are a requirement in this fast-paced, challenging class.

CORE (Hips, Abs & Thighs)

Add this class to your practice to create a stronger core.  This class will facilitate a better core in order to create yoga poses easier and stay longer with flow.  From a personal trainer perspective this class is structured to use reps and sets.   Circuit training on Saturday class – Low impact on joints, yet creates a high intensity (cardio) feature.  This class is challenging to everyone….do what you can and have fun!

Yin Yoga

Why Yin?   REGENERATE, REJUVENATE AND REFRESH!   Lengthen and strengthen!

If you are aiming to strengthen or maintain the health of your joints, there are four reasons to add Yin Yoga to your practice.  The reasons are:

  1. Prevent contracture or loss of mobility of a joint
  2. Prevent Degeneration or bone loss
  3. Reduce fixation or fusion, such as frozen shoulder 
  4. Provide Hydration -Keep up the hydration!”

Yinsights by Bernie Clark

Though Yin is a more passive or soft style of practice it becomes challenging due to the long duration of held poses (3-5 min). Poses become meditative as they are sustained for longer periods. We start to see that yoga is  an in depth journey of body/mind sensitivity on and off the mat.  Good for all levels of students.   Longer held poses address the hidden aspect of our physical realm – the fascia, the connective tissue and the bones of the body.  Great for those who enjoy cycling, running, tennis, all winter sports and golfing.  Increase the mobility, flexibility and healing of the body!  A perfect balance to the Yang of Power and it’s gentle side: Hatha Yoga.

Vinyasa / Flow

This vigorous class emphasizes the connection between breath and movement through a flowing sequence of poses. By exploring our physical edges, we can begin to recognize and transform our mental patterns and blockages. Some yoga experience recommended as this class may include backbends, twists, arm balances, and inversions. 


Typically this style of Yoga is considered gentler of all the styles of Yoga.
In Sanskrit “ha” indicates the sun and “tha” the moon.
 Hatha Yoga or Union of the sun and moon – this class features a steady flow of connected asanas or poses designed to benefit the whole body, mind and spirit.  Generally good for all levels of students.  This style gives the student time to focus inward and connect with the breath – to learn more about who you are moving into a shape.  Let the healing of Yoga begin.

We recommend that if you are over 50 you get your doctors ok to attend.


Restorative style of Yoga is designed to balance our stressed out lifestyles.  Create the space within to heal the body mind and spirit with poses to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for balancing the heart rate and blood pressure. This helps stimulate the immune and endocrine systems in a healthy way. The use of props facilitate the deeper sense of relaxation while in poses.

Recommendation is that everyone take at least one restorative class per week.  Why?

Everyone needs to de-stress from the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle that engages the Sympathetic part of our Central Nervous System pretty much 100% of the time.  In the Restorative Class you switch on the Parasympathetic portion of the CNS – with results that can be amazing – such as – better digestion, better sleep, better disposition and more.

The Restorative classes are also good for those with some mobility issues or recovering from injuries – a doctor’s OK is highly recommended in these cases.

One on One – Private sessions

Sessions are offered in blocks in order to facilitate healing.  Hypnotherapy coupled with Yoga poses!
There are many reasons why someone would want a private session or a  (one on one).  Please give us a call to make an appointment – 604 971 5343.

We offer a variety of private or small group lessons upon request.

These can be special needs from health issues to scheduling challenges. We also do in home instruction in certain cases. Our instructors also provide corporate classes upon request. Please consult with instructors if you have any special concerns or health issues.