Namaste Yoga Closed

¬†Greetings to all…..

It is with love and huge hugs that we send this message out to all Рwe have softly, respectfully closed our doors as of  Saturday June 11th.

AnndeeLetting go and surrendering’ to what is….to allow is part of our everyday yoga practice and so it is off the mat – a gentle reminder that impermanence is at the root of our existence.

We give thanks and gratitude for each beautiful yogi that graced our studio floor; we give thanks and gratitude for each beautiful yoga teacher that graced our studio floor with all their lessons….each bringing the message that the practice is personal and that the guru is within.

Let go of what you think it should be to allow what is to bloom; experience the grace of your own divinity in everything and everyone.

May we all continue on our path with light and love; all the more ready for what lies ahead through all our experiences together

Sat Nam